Fluval 305 leaking problem


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Jun 27, 2018
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This thing has got me stumped.
Been stumped for about 3 months.
So, they want to use a round seal on a rectangular head unit. Ok. What ever, nice engineering.
So, I decide to go to my local pool shop.
And, I found they carry seals too. That are actually squared and rectangular. So, I bought several. Different sizes too. And types.
Regular rubber and silicone seals. I didn't mind paying the 8 - 13 a seal. If it works. It works.
Found out, that the size of the seal is 160mm × 4mm. So, I went of that size. And went down to a 155mm by 4.5mm oring. Just to try it out.... anyway, if this or any of these work, I'll post them as well as product part numbers as well
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