Fluke/Nematode infection?

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Happy Raymo

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Dec 2, 2022
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Victoria, British Columbia
I posted previously asking about a fungal infection for my corys. The tank parameters have much improved since the previous post and the hair like projections are no longer on the barbels of the corys. They are however still having projections off of their pectoral fins and abdomen but are not having anything originating from the gills. I am routinely doing water changes They are also not showing signs of clamped fins or signs of infection as they are still actively rummaging around for food in the sand. I would not say there has been any change in activity in any of the fish since Ive got them except for the corys seem to be schooling together and the betta is exploring the tank. flashing occurs among the corys in bursts of 2-4 every hour or so. The one with the circle in the picture is seemingly flashing the most. All fish have an appetite still. Additionally, the betta I noticed seemingly a tear in their tail fin. I included a picture of it I am just concerned about fin rot. They are not showing signs of anything and I only noticed this today. the clumps in the projections appear to be the sand sticking to them making me think it could be excess mucus. How should I navigate this? I am still very new to the hobby and I know this isnt anything serious.

NOTE: the projection circled in blue, the cory did 4 spins seemingly on their head and dislodged the projection by themselves. I have to go out but I will work on getting updated tank parameters in this threatd



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