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Fish And Coe, Drayton Road, Tonbridge, Kent

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Feb 3, 2012
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A short and sweet review for a small local store. This store opened up about a year ago following the closure of town centre store Fintastics, and is owned by one of the guys who worked there. It has an odd location so whenever I've been I have been the only person in the shop besides the owner, which is sad because there is a wide range of stock - dry, marine and freshwater - and they will bend over backwards to help you find what you need or order in for you. I noted that there is a diagram about filter maturation on the counter but I don't know whether they would recommend a fishless cycle to a newbie, maybe someone can report back.


Good selection of dry goods, rocks, wood etc for a small shop
Marine, tropical and cold water tanks with a good selection of bread and butter fish and some more unusual ones
Tanks always look clean
Staff are always willing to have a chat and help out if you can't find what you want
Will order in any fish
Outside of town centre with free parking, and close to the station


Small shop in comparison to others (like MA) therefore does not stock unusual or specialist fish such as L number plecs or mbuna, and not a destination shop, but they will order in for you.


For people who live close it's a must. It's a shame that due to it's out of town location (but only slightly) many people don't know it's there.

Website: http://www.fish-coe.co.uk

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