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  1. sadguppy

    Fish And Coe, Drayton Road, Tonbridge, Kent

    Summary A short and sweet review for a small local store. This store opened up about a year ago following the closure of town centre store Fintastics, and is owned by one of the guys who worked there. It has an odd location so whenever I've been I have been the only person in the shop besides...
  2. sadguppy

    Various Incl Krib, Bristlenose, Platies, Rummynose Tetra

    Hi all, Selling a few fish, would do a good deal if they were going to a decent home! All lovely and healthy. Livestock: Female kribensis, adult less than one year- £2.50 2 x Bristlenose plecs, assumed female, about 3 inches £2.50 each or both for £4 Multiple platies, all...