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Jan 23, 2021
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Fish Planet is a great local (to me) fish store that has both fresh and saltwater fish/inverts. They also have an awesome selection of DW that is hand picked by the owner-Steve who is also awesome. They have a nice selection of plants as well as shrimp and bettas. Sell Red Flint sand in different sizes as well as some ADA and Amazonian soils, decorative rocks, tank decorations and plastic plants. They also have a small selection of tanks (nice rimless ones too) as well as filters and lights. Also sell some media, chemicals, medications and fish foods including live blackworms and brine shrimp and a frozen food selection.

You can also ask Steve or the manager Riley about special ordering some fish, they are always willing to work with you on finding any special fish they are able to access. The store even offers a set up and tank maintenance service.

If you are in the area I recommend you stop in and peruse their stock and selection, very nice little store jammed pack full of treasures.


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