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  1. Circus

    LFS, Firemouth Pair

    My lfs had two more of their firemouths pair off and breed. Here is the pic I caught of them. This is the 2nd pair so far from that shipment, the first was sold as a breeding pair and the customer also got all of the fry.
  2. Circus

    Snail Trade Success

    I traded 20 of my Gold Inca Mystery Snails for some WCMM and a Bolivian Ram. I was surprised when the store manager offered me credit for them. Yay!
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Fish Store

    Okay, I might have to find a different fish store to go to. I go to a store in Toledo, OH called The Fish Guys. He has a good stock and fair prices but he doesn't seem to know a ton about fish. I've bought a few fish from him and they all are already bigger than he said their max size is. None...
  4. mbsqw1d

    Online fish stores

    Hey. Seeing as another national lock-down looms for us in the UK, that means our LFS will be closed. I've never bought fish online before and have been recommended a few such as Tropco. I've been close to buying from Tropco .. they're based down South whereas I'm about 300 miles Northwest from...
  5. SteakNShrimp

    Rainbow Fish recommendations

    I’m not completely familiar with all the types/colors of Rainbow Fish, but I’d like a few in my 55g. Anyone know some nice looking Rainbow Fish that will grow to a max of 4-5 in? I want to get each one with a different color, so probably 5 different species...preferably that can be easily...
  6. mmblaquatics

    Check out my channel :)

    Likes and Subscriptions appreciated :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnd1oKtzDHpLAsTwNhU8vyw
  7. Tyler_Fishman

    Age limit

    kudos to the younger fish keepers who have to go through this nonsense. I'm proud that petstores want to "protect" their live stock. But in the same sense it is kinda hypocritical when I see 10 dead guppies clogging the filter intake of a tank and I'm told I need an adult with me to purchase a...
  8. Million

    Bristol planted tank shops

    Hi all, Looking to set up a heavily planted high tech tank, and I'm based in Bristol. I'm yet to find a decent shop from which to supply myself. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  9. crunch7

    Colour Enhanced Fish Using Hormones. Myth Or A Reality

    Hi All, I have brought few fish under the impression that they are Blue mooriis, but a friend suggests that the ones I have brought are a mix breed and may have been fed colour enhancers. I am attaching a picture ( sorry for the pixelation I tired to get better shots), can anyone advice basis...
  10. S

    Rams - Buying Pairs In So. Cal.

    All,   I live in Mission Viejo, CA (Southern California - between LA and San Diego) and wouldl like to acquire a pair of German Blue Rams.  All my LFSs have are males.  Does anyone have any ideas where I could buy a pair or just a female?   BTW, I suspect the major reason behind this is that the...
  11. sadguppy

    Fish And Coe, Drayton Road, Tonbridge, Kent

    Summary A short and sweet review for a small local store. This store opened up about a year ago following the closure of town centre store Fintastics, and is owned by one of the guys who worked there. It has an odd location so whenever I've been I have been the only person in the shop besides...
  12. Kabernick30

    Substrate Question

    I'm setting up a new tank and i am curious as to which substrates are best for planted tanks? Im leaning towards sand because its good for bottom feeders and looks nice however im not sure where to buy it from because my lfs doesnt sell aquarium specific sand, or whether just strictly sand...
  13. PrincessKiara

    Flake-Eating Pipefish And Angels? Quick Help Please!

    Hello! As some of you may remember, I have a 240L tank with a 100L sump setup, filled with bio-balls. Here are my tank stats: Planted: Somewhat (corkscrew Val, Amazon Sword, hornwort thicket, Elodea, some sort of creeper plant); far more to come soon Decor: One lava-rock arch. No driftwood as of...
  14. JellOh

    Reporting Abuse

    Well, I have a fish store near me and it's absolutely disgusting. Everything is covered in dirt, the filters are all gunned up, the tanks are dirt, there are too many fish in one tank or fish that are in a tank 10x to small, and it's just terrible. They also have rodents, birds, and reptiles...
  15. Brahmza

    Looking For Livebearers/small Breeders!

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to scope out options for a few new tanks I have cycling. I want to breed livebearers, but I'm looking for breeds that are commonly accepted by some local fish stores. I know most stores won't take guppies, but what about platies, mollies or swords? Are there any other...
  16. Colonials66

    Fish Stores Around Leicester Area?

    I'm looking to find some good stores to look into to add to my fish collection. Having just moved back to Leicester from Lincoln, I'd like to find some good places to go reasonably locally. I only really know of Friends in Soggy Homes and the local Pets at Home's. So if anyone can share some...