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Dec 21, 2012
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We have started our tank with some little glowlight danios who, it seems, have a taste for our filter. They keep charging in, and are little enough to be able to slip through the bars, then through a tiny hole in our Juwel filter casing down into the shaft for the heater. Getting them out then requires us to take apart the whole filter!

For now, we've put up some muslin over the initial grating. Any thoughts?

(Also, the current seems *very* strong for them. We're a bit worried that they seem to spend all day fighting it! They have a choice not to stay in it, but they seem to like it...)

p.s. our Juwel filter motor seems to have become delicate. Am a bit worried: if, say, it packs up at, say, midnight, it'll be seven hours when the heater is basically leaning against our now-cycled filter media. A bit concerned we'll kill our bacteria...
Is it possible to put a sponge or something over the spot theyre getting in? Something that doesnt restrict the flow but doesnt allow them to be sucked up.

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