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glowlight danio

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    Help Please!

    I got some glowfish danios yesterday and they were doing great last night and this morning, however when i got home from work all 3 have downward curved spines (U shaped) and look slightly bloated (bellies look boxy). They are swimming perfectly fine and super active. None of my other fish are...
  2. E

    Glowlight Danio changed colour??

    These glowlight danio are the last two remaining from a shoal of 10 I bought 2.5-3yrs ago. They’ve always been quite plainly coloured, mostly silvery with very pale orange and some pale black lines. Moved them into a larger, more densely planted tank about 2m ago and they’ve completely changed...
  3. E

    Help Glowlight danio with chunk missing from side. What to do

    Hi there, New here and was wondering if anyone can help me. I have just noticed my male glowlight danio has a chunk missing from its side and seems bad. see photo. I add the glowlight danios to my community Tank about two months ago. I noticed right away that they like chasing each other. The...
  4. L

    Filter Fish

    We have started our tank with some little glowlight danios who, it seems, have a taste for our filter. They keep charging in, and are little enough to be able to slip through the bars, then through a tiny hole in our Juwel filter casing down into the shaft for the heater. Getting them out then...