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May 10, 2004
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argh, i can't believe the girls today!! this is pathetic!

I USE to have 6 feamle betats living happily in a 15G, never any signs of aggression, occasionally teh chase and litlte nip, but nothing serous. Recently i sepereated 2 out for breeding, one's done, finsihed her recovery period and put back inot the community tank for about a week. She was doing fine, and already seemed to have gotten to be the "leader" of the pack.

the other female was just released back into the tank today, and the two started to fight! at first i thought they were just getting into a pecking order but then it started to turn serious with jaw locking and way too much nipping.

:grr: very mad at them. The one i released back seem to have "won" the fight, but she's getting seperated to go back in her 1G tank...possibly forever becuase she's gotten too aggressive for the others to handle! It seems like her pectoral fin is damanaged too

AHHh she just jumped out of her container!! argh

okay i put her back...that was freaky, never had a betta jump before.

very disturbing..very bad girl! :grr: well i better go get her settled down..sheesh, these guys can be little poos sometimes :grr:
that happened when i tried to put my 2 older females in my 10 gallon. they got along fine with the younger ones but not with each other, so i had to take one out
ya once uv got females to gether and they've established a pecking order, its a bad thing to remove one for long periods of time becasue wen they are put back in they think their still number 1 wen accually sumone else has steped up to take her place alredy and its hard for them to readjust :) if u remove the one female then i think everything should soon balance out for ya :thumbs:
well i have 2 females that was out, i have to put one of them back. So i tried putting the other one and i'm watcing htem very carefully right now. It seems like the occassional flare, but my other female looks hurt so i might end up taking her out again *sigh* :S this makes my brain hurt :blink:

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