Feeding Live Or Frozen In Coldwater Tanks

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Nov 28, 2006
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hello all and everyone
i have today for the fisrt time fed my babies on water fleas the frozen kind and they loved them. what else do you all like to feed you fish? is one better than another? how often would you feed flake/frozen/fresh?
i look forward to replies
kind regards
lisalisa :)
hello lisalisa,

i feed my goldfish sinking pellets twice every day. i feed frozen brine shrimp once or twice a month, dried gammaru shrimp occassionally, blanched romaine lettuce once every 1-2 weeks, and boiled unshelled peas at least once a week. i have fed my goldfish daphnia a few times, but i don't think they really take to it. i have fed my goldfish an orange piece twice, but i found that to be a bit messy, though they absolutely loved it.

peas are very healthful for your fish. it helps to clear out the digestive tract and helps prevent swimming trouble. the most important thing in a fish's diet is variety, so i think as long as you are providing a good variation of food you're ok. otherwise it only depends on what your fish like. :)

by babies do you mean actual goldfish fry or do you mean that as an affectionate term?
hello yes i mean it in a loving way lol they arnt gold fish but danios and minnows. thanks for taking the time to reply
kind regards
My goldfish enjoy live mosquito larvae and bloodworms (i net these critters out of my pond and give them to my aquarium fish during the warmer months of the year), however you can get frozen bloodworms, daphinia, brineshrimp, tubifex etc from pet shops which all coldwater fish like goldfish will enjoy :) .
Frozen foods are better than dried as they are more nutritious and easier to digest for the fish.

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