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February 2014 - Fish Of The Month Entries

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My entry =)

I'd like to enter my new Ellioti! Managed to get this shot with just an iPhone and am really pleased with it. Feel like we don't see as many SA/CA cichlids apart from rams and apistos so I thought I would enter him!

And verification picture

Ranchu, great shot! Is that a hillstream loach?
Yep - too many great entries for me to have a chance but I'll enter for fun


I never make a guess as to who will win each month's competition, and its always great fun to allow them to play out.
They're my threadfin rainbowfish, two males in a territorial display. I've been trying to get a pic of them doing that for about 2 months
verification pic?
ive seen some of those threadfin rainbow fish at my lfs, never seen them do that territorial display before though, looks cool! :)
My males do it quite frequently.  It's always spectacular to watch.  Often they will flare up alongside each other and then rush forwards together fully flared, like they're having a little race!  (I'm not sure if territorial was the right word - I guess it's probably more about social hierarchy than territory.)
Sorry for the trouble, but could I change my entry? I would like to enter Steven, my young severum, instead.
Verification to come.
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