Esha Exit Whitespot Medication

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Mar 2, 2009
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eSHa Exit anti whitespot treatment.
Esha exit is a low dose medication for the treatment of various parasitic species including Whitespot (ichthyophthirius multifiliis), Velvet (Oodinium Pillularis), the less common Import spot (large white spots), pepper spot, black spot and course spot. This product is safe to use with delicate scale less fish (loaches) shrimps and snails. Treats coldwater and tropical fish, but not marine.
How long have you owned this product?
First time using eSHa Exit as I have never had to treat for ich with snails, shrimp and more delicate fish before (loaches) in the tank.
Ease of Use (if a product)
Instructions are precise and very clear, however the 20ml bottle, which I am using, is quite difficult to get a single drop from without shaking the bottle.
Customer Service (if a store or online retailer)
Emailing eSHa direct is easy, they answer questions within 24 hours and very helpful.
  • Unlike other ich medications I have used in the past, esha exit not only attacks the free swimming stage of the disease it also attacks the adult "spots" on the fish. Heat alone in my case was having no affect at all and some of the fish had the same spots for 10 days.
  • Low dosage, 20 drops per 100l of water on day 1, 10 drops days 2 & 3
  • Very fast acting, by day 3 most of the fish with the spots were 90% clear, no other fish infected.
  • You can prolong the treatment for upto another 3 days at the 10ml/100l for more stubborn cases.
  • Excellent details instructions including a very clear dosage calculator in gallons and litres.
  • Long shelf life after opening of 12 months, after which time the medication is less affective.
  • Great value at only £5 (including postage) for a medication that works that fast!
  • The 20ml bottle I used is awkward to get single drops out at a time without shaking the bottle, making the first few drops large drops.
  • Turned the water a cloudy green for a couple of hours.
  • Instructions state to use no water conditioner prior to using treatment if your water change is due.
  • Would recommend 

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