Help...Is this Ich?


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Feb 11, 2023
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We recently recieved a Betta fish from a friend who wanted to rehome it. They had it in a tiny tank with no heater or filter. We purchased him a 10 gallon tank, heater and filter and he seems much happier. We have noticed these white spots on him however and are wondering if this is ich? We have followed the treatment instructions on a bottle of medication for ich however the spots are still there after 7 days... Could this still be ich? Should we do another round of treatment?



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yes, it does appear to be ick. The best cure is to first do a large water change and vacuum the substrate, increase tank temperature to 86 degrees. (assuming you have an adjustable strong heater and leave it there for two weeks. Every day or rwo, do a vac of the substrate to remove eggs.

If you instead choose to do the meds, be sure you remove the carbon, if any, in the filter media and do a gravel vac every day or two for two weeks. Follow directions on the bottle of meds.

Dont do meds AND heat at the same time.
which spots are you talking about, the ones on his face and head or the 2 on his tail?

if you used the medication correctly for 7 days it is unlikely to be white spot.

Bettas are normally kept on their own and don't get white spot because they are kept on their own. If you added an infected fish or plants from an infected tank, you can introduce white spot but if you haven't added anything to the tank then it's unlikely to be white spot.

If your concerned about it being white spot, do a big water change and increase the temperature to 30C (86F) and keep it there for 2 weeks. If it hasn't changed in 1 week, it isn't white spot.
Is the water good? What are the parameters? Fish need to be stressed to get whitespot, and if the stressor is still there the treatment might not work.

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