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Davy Reynolds

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Jan 16, 2002
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Since Adrain started this little subject, I thought I'd start up a new chat :p

For all you members, Do any of you accually bother about this?

"This" being, all electrical equipment in the aquarium gives off a charge that runs through the water. It can be high of low.

Heres a topic I read in another forum. residual voltage in a aquarium

:) :D
It's not something I ever really thought about, but now that it's been mentioned....Whenever electricity is passed through a coil, it can induce a voltage in neighbouring objects - principle of how transformers work - There are coils present in the motors of pumps and in the coils of heaters, as submerged pumps and heaters are in direct contact with your water, it would be fair to assume that there will be stray voltage in your water....If anyone wants to try earthing their tank, I recommend that you do not connect directly to mains earth - the connection should be made via a resistor - probably around 1Mohm - there are special plugs available for mains sockets which contain 1Mohm resistors - which could be used - these are normally used for grounding people when working with electronic components and the like....I'll try and find out costs......
K as long as we all don't start talking about n/pohms and farrads and stuff I shouldn't get to lost(I knew I should have stayed on that electronics course for another month). As pointed out in the last post in the link Davy posted it's not the electricity thats given off that harms the fish.
What I'm trying to get at is the magnetic feild that the current gives of (sort of like that new invention for fending of sharks) Right think back to your school days or before the hols if yer still there. rember the thing with the magnet and the iron fillings, and the pattern they made. Thats the sort of thing anything electrical gives off.
Now with fish using the lateral line in this way would the magnetic feild from any electrical appliances in the tank affect this and are different species more tollerant to the effects?
We could go down endless roads with this but as for me the basics will do.

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