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Small Planted Setup

Well, I didn't find any pestle and mortar.

But, got something even better, a little pill press that you screw in to crush... It's so controllable you can make consistent crumble size, I thought I could make a mixed sampler of one week supply of everything I have and sprinkle a little bit of that every meal instead of choosing separately.

I went ahead and mixed all the staple food I have + all the supplement in according quantity...

I sprinkle a little of this mix 2 times per day in the most stealth manner possible. And it's perfect the shrimps are getting more food and it prevented dangerous agglomerations... And I can bring them out of hiding a bit safely.

And oops, it permitted me to see how many shrimps there is in there... A ... lot...

Still on the podium. The Pumpkins with around 70% of the population, followed by the mutts, around 20% then by the Rillis and Reds at 5% respectively.

I removed the dangerous rock to make sure no more buildups occurs there and it's going to give a little more flat space, the plants are beginning to be jungle style as I still partially fertilized since the incident.

I did My 7th water change of 9 to replace the water, by RO/DI... I should be over 80% water completely replaced atm. when reaching 9, there will be 97% of the water replaced.

The feeling to be able to be doing large water changes without fearing everybody is going to start dying.

Is priceless...

I changed so much water so fast lately that my biological filter recessed and I will probably be forced to cut back on water change slowly to let it cope back.

I'm very happy... The shrimps are back in blooming mode.
I also thought about blending the staple feeds, but I actually think there is an advantage to feeding a different one each day... lets say you have, for example, one fish that really likes bug bites... and the other fish eat it as well... if you are feeding 7 times more bug bites, once a week, everyone is going to get some, unless they refuse to eat them... now if you put 1/7 as much of each food into a mix, there may not be enough bug bites for everyone to get some... if this continues everyday, the other fish that aren't getting a chance to eat them, and thus get little benefit from adding it to your mix, & if the bug bite lover spends too much time in search of the bug bites portion of the mix, it may not get some of the other foods in the blend... in the end I decided to rotate a different food each day...
Yeah, I understand for fishes, but in a shrimp only tank... "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" (That's their mojo)... All the food I tried draws them nearly equally and they are sifting the bottom relentlessly until total depletion.

In fact I only blended 4 staples that are vegetable based, 3 that are omnivorous, and 3 supplements... At some point I only have different flavors of somewhat similar already "complete" food in essence... I could use only one staple food plus the supplements if wanted.

I have adults that are nuts for baby food and babies that goes for the biggest adult pellets.

But they always eat everything down to the last bits... They start with what they love the most... Then check the rest...

This way. "Everybody gets their broccoli"... Partially in powder or in crumble.
If you tikkle on a RO/DI system... Close your eyes, and take the leap... It's easy to install and maintain.

Saying that my water chemistry changed from "Good" to "Fantastic" is a real understatement !!! SaltySrimp minerals maintains the water exactly on the sweet spot.

In the last weeks, they have all brightened in color so much, it's amazing... Their playful behaviors at feeding time suggest total happiness... The look of their shells thickening and hardening, Pfffff. what an upgrade !!!

OMG... at 16 cents a gallon... I waited way too long... I feel so stupid. It's a day and night difference. For the first time in my life, I have total control on the water chemistry and it's marvelous.

Now I feel that I can easily keep the most delicate species without problems. Cheese, even if my back hurts like hell... I've been cheering all week.

My trip to Mosti Mondiale was pretty fruitful, I found a humongous polyethylene holding tank and all the plumbing gear I need... Just a little more tinkering and I will be able to easily maintain my 3 tanks with regular large refreshing water changes.

I also got a UV light to install in the holding tank to keep it free from biofilm longer. It was supposed to last 9000 hours but, when tested it did only 9 before frying :).

I'm eager to install the holding tank but I need a much stronger support for it to tackle that job. The sink itself is made of concrete and weigh in excess of 300 pounds and can hold more than 300 pounds of water. The steel legs look in pretty good shape and is thick enough, but my pseudo shelf needs serious reinforcement to take the 150 pounds on top of the equation...

Going, going !!! This is a pretty positive week for my ongoing, going put-up job ! :cool:
Strange sight when the lights came on this morning... Habitually there not a single shrimp in view...

Today the tank looks like a Christmas tree !!!




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