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Eggs Or Stomach Contents?!

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Fish Crazy
Sep 27, 2012
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Can anyone help me to understand what the off-yellow coloured particles I can see in my white skirt tetras is? Eggs? Stomach contents? Other? Hope the picture is clear enough....



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Funny thing is, all 6 of them have it to some degree, and have done for months! Is there any way of telling males from females in this species? Chances of getting 6 females from a mixed tank when I bought them a year ago are tiny!

Thanks for any ideas!
I would say eggs too. The stomach is in the silver sack, though I thought the ovaries and testes were as well... Sexing skirt tetras is hard enough, with only real visible signs being the females are plumper than males. Some fish develop different sexes as embryos, depending on water parameters. Skirts may be one of them, so its possible the whole tank was females.
Thanks. Guess they'll just be dropped and eaten by fish/shrimp without males around then?

I wanted to post another question in the New Tank forum, but I'm having trouble accessing it; anyone else having trouble or is it just me?
Anyway, question is; I have an Aquael Filter 2 filtering my 100 litre tank, it has the bubble/aerator thing going. Obviously I leave the filter on all the time, but should the aerator be on full time, part time, or occassionally? No live plants yet, just silk.

Starve them a few days, they'll reabsorb the eggs for nutrition. As for the filter, yes the aerator should be on 24/7.

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