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white skirt tetra

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  1. Hmarie37

    Showing off my tanks!

    I just am loving my fish babies so much lately and can’t take enough pictures of them and wanted to share them somewhere! Please don’t judge my browning plants, I’m still learning 😂 I hope you all enjoy my babies as much as I do🥰
  2. Hmarie37

    Wanted to show off my boys!

    Not sure how to navigate this website properly yet so hopefully I’m in the right spot but I just wanted to show off my baby boys (and im sure a couple girls as well). It was a hard journey getting these kiddos on the right track as their previous owner had them in an ammonia filled tank. But...
  3. Hmarie37

    New fish mom!

    I am a new fish mom, going on a month now! My thread may be a long one as it’s been quite the ride! On an impulse I bought a tank off of Facebook. Little did I know this tank came with the fish as well. I didn’t know much about fish as I took them on (I planned to do more research as I let the...
  4. C

    Amano Shrimp Vs white skirt tetra

    Hi, I have recently added 4 Amano Shrimp to my tank. It's a planted up tank but it also has alot of rocks and shells scattered on the tank floor. My question is my shrimp seems to be just hiding in amongst the rocks- which is fine if this is normal behaviour but I'm worried they are hiding...
  5. T

    Glofish with internal bleeding

    I am new to this site but found it when searching for advice for my Glofish. (Which I believe are genetically modified white skirt tetra). We have a little guy that got caught in our aquarium decoration. He had been having trouble swimming - we thought swim bladder disease and had just tried an...
  6. Circus

    How Many GloTetra in a 25 gallon?

    Right now I have 6 of the glotetra in a 25 gallon (my first fish I ever got). From my understanding they are basically white skirt tetra. How many should I have in my tank? I know "more is better" but how many more would my maximum be? I wanted to add some more green, as well as some standard...
  7. DrSlackBladder

    Eggs Or Stomach Contents?!

    Can anyone help me to understand what the off-yellow coloured particles I can see in my white skirt tetras is? Eggs? Stomach contents? Other? Hope the picture is clear enough.... Thanks!