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Mar 25, 2014
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Hi, I have a very small EBJD. He's only 1" and I know these fish are very delicate and easily knocked off by parasites. Now I noticed that sometimes he has stringy feces, in a translucent white color.  I know that this is a typical sign of parasites but I have my reasons think it might not be so. For one, he is very active, chasing his reflection around the tank most of the day, always at front of the tank during feeding time and eating very eagerly. Another reason I am wondering if he has parasites is because when I feed him tetra bits only, the poop comes out very solid and bright red. Now when I feed him live earthworms, that's when the stringiness occurs. I do notice the stringiness comes out usually in about the same size as the worms I've fed him so is it possible that its just some undigested worm skins? I notice in my larger fish too when they are fed bloodworms the feces are not so pellet like as some of the bloodworm shell passes through undigested. I know that earthworms can't pass parasites to fish, being terrestrial animals.  
The EBJD is house alone in a 30 gallon tank, receives 50% daily water changes and is fed 4 times daily with tetra complete, azoo micro pellets, garlic/spirulina laced foods and live baby earthworms.
Should I treat him for internal parasites just in case? He is an expensive and beautiful fish with a great personality and I want to have him for a long time.


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Cute looking fish.
Sorry but can you print his full name as not sure what a  EBJD. is.
Does he fish show any of these symptoms.
Does the fish look thin or bloated?
Does the fish swim on it's side.
Is the anus enlarged or red and inflamed.
Does the fish have a sunken  in belly?
Does your type of fish need veg in its diet?
Electric blue jack Dempsey. Takes the same diet as a usual Dempsey or most other new world omnivorous cichlid.
The answer to all your questions is no :)
They do need some veg in there diet.
For now try some veg in the fish diet to see if it makes a difference.
Try peas first.
Cook frozen peas for a few minutes. Let them cool down then pop out of shell.
Cut into tiny pieces and add to the tank. 
Try other veg like cabbage, sprouts, broc, spinach, etc. Anything green really.

If you are still worried try and get hold of anti parasite medicated food.
alright i'll try this out and get back to you :)
Don't over feed bloodworms as they can cause constipation and bloating.
Not sure on medications in your country,
If the veg does not work don't hesitate to post back.
Good LUck.
I don't feed this guy bloodworms they're too big they just go to my grown up cichlids, this guy just gets bite sized live baby earthworms. I give him about 4-5 a day is that too much? We are very well stocked in terms of aquarium gear over here. I was thinking to get some SeaChem Metrodazinole if ever I need meds would that be alright?
Alright I'll give the peas a try, as well as keep him off the worms for a few days to see if the worms are causing the stringiness. The pellets only should produce a solid red feces so I'll keep a look out and update. thanks for the quick responses! :)
He wont eat the peas. But when feeding pellets only the stringiness goes away. Any suggestions on getting him to take the peas?
Keep trying. Fish do turn there noses up at them for the first few times.

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