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  1. MagicGirl33

    Does Parasite Treatment Affect Snails?

    I have a platy that has some sort of internal parasite. I was given the medication to treat it but I was told not to use it if I had scaleless fish. I asked if it was ok for the mystery snail and they said they weren't sure. I have Titan Green Water Purifier Parasites and Fungus. Should I remove...
  2. MarieEJohn

    Tetra Tec Internal Filter

    Hi everyone. Hope someone can help. Please does anyone know if you can attach the air hose from tetra tec internal 800 filter directly to an air pump or should you leave it hanging.
  3. A

    Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter (Bromley\london Se9)

    Equipment: Fluval 4 plus internal filter. Comes with all the gubbins; media tray, foam media, charcoal media (charcoal is unused so still active), fine media (also unused), suction pads to hang in tank, venturi adaptor, instructions, box. Age and condition: About 10 years old. Very good...
  4. AeonMapa

    Ebjd Internal Parasites

    Hi, I have a very small EBJD. He's only 1" and I know these fish are very delicate and easily knocked off by parasites. Now I noticed that sometimes he has stringy feces, in a translucent white color.  I know that this is a typical sign of parasites but I have my reasons think it might not be...
  5. Valiant

    Internal Bleeding?

    My BN has a red patch on his/her belly and also red skin on half of his/her body. I heard this could be a sign of Internal bleeding, stress and if he/she is ready to breed. Please help! What should I do?