Dwarf Gourami With Missing Scales?

Brilliant, i have some of that. How do they get ulcers? Are they contagious? Becuase if so, I want to move my other gourami and my giant danios out of the tank whilst I am treating - this is already a quarantine tank for my new fish. Also, will the meds harm my filter bacteria?
Ulcers can be caused by parasites.
Gouramis are more prone to bacterial infections.
Yes it would be better to issolate the fish.
The meds shouldn't touch your benefical bacteria in the filter.
OK. Well, my other quarantine tank had anti internal bacteria med put in on Wednesday, should I move the sick gouramis to there, and move the others out? Or do I need to put in new meds? My other tank has no lid and I am worried my giant danios will jump out so I would rather move the gouramis to the open tank.
Just treat the whole tank with it being an ulcer.
OK, will do. Am gonna move the other gourami who seems OK to the other quarantine though, but will treat the current tank and leave the danios in. Actually, might move the danios into the main tank as they have been quarantined for 6 days now with no signs of illmess.... or is this a bad idea??
You need to quarantine fish up to 4 to 6 weeks.
If you decide to move the gourami daily water changes on the main tank.
OK so i will keep all the fish in my 60 litre in quarantine then and add the meds. I am moving the fish out of my other quarantine over the weekend and into the main tank as they seem OK, so I will move the unaffected gourami to there is he is showing no signs of illness and keep him there for a few weeks. Would rather keep him out of the way of the 2 unaffected gouramis.
Keep a look out for flicking and rubbing just to make sure parasites are not behind the ulcer.
Good luck.
Will do, thanks. Are ulcers contagious then? And if there are parasites behind the ulcer, what meds do I need to treat these?
If there is a parasite behind the ulcers need to find out which one first before medicating.
Well I cant offer much in the way of advice, but I do wish you luck. I just had this happen recently. I bought 2 Dwarf Gourami's and put them in QT. One died before the month of QT was up. The other lived, but developed the same thing yours has. It got deeper and bigger and his behavior began to become sluggish. I ended up euthanizing with clove oil when no other med's were working.

I believe the symptoms are a frequent thing with dwarf and I've heard it call the Dwarf Gourami Disease. I know my first dwarf had it because he had all the symptoms and I think this one had the start of it.

Here's the link for a good read on these fish:


Good Luck : )

Tiger Lotus
Cheers Tiger Lotus!
I've treated my smaller quarantine with anti internal bacteria meds, and the 2 sick gourmais are there along with the krib with possible fin rot. Also added some aquarium salt.
I've moved my 2 new dwarf cichlids to my main tank along with my surviving guppy as all 3 appeared to be healthy and feeding well. They seem very happy in the bigger tank!:p
Keeping the healthy gourami and 2 giant danios in my other quarantine tank for another week as they lived with the sick gourmais and I want to be sure they are not sick too.

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