Dwarf Gourami With Missing Scales?

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Jan 13, 2008
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Manchester, England
I got 3 dwarf gouramis yesterday and only got a real good look at them today when they came out for food. Two of them seem to be fine but one has an area where his scales seem to be missing. Here's a pic:

What do I need to do? Will Melafix help? Or is this a sign of a more serious illness?
This exact thing happened to my Dwarf Gourami... the cut just kept getting deeper and deeper, I treated with everything and nothing worked so I'm now just waiting for his time to come! I really hope that your DG doesn't have what mine has, he may have just scraped his scales.
Perhaps treat with melafix to aid healing incase it is just a scrape.
Good Luck!
:S I hope it heals. Unfortunately I don't know if he had this problem when i got him as all 3 gouramis went to hide behind some rocks when I got them home, and I didn't notice it at the LFS.....
Missing scales can be due to knocking them off on ornaments in the tank, bacterial, parasites.
Any signs of flicking and rubbing.
Not noticed any flicking or rubbing so will keep a close eye on him for the next few days. If he isn't doing this, is it just likely to be a knock then? I'll pop some Melafix in tonight to promote healing anyway.
Make sure there no sharp ornaments in the tank.
Good luck.
No change today and no flicking or rubbing as far as I can see. All I have in the tank really are some rocks, they are not sharp but I guess he may have hurt himself in the LFS.
Just keep a close eye on the fish.
The area is now slightly red. And one of my other gouramis seems to be developing the same thing... and I noticed him rubbing himself on the gravel. What do I do?!?!?!
Anyone? My husband is off work today so I can send him out to get the right meds.... I don't want my gouramis to die. They seem fine, swimming around and eating. My water parameters are fine too. And apart from a mad fit of rubbing on the gravel yesterdat for a few seconds, I haven't witnessed any further flicking or rubbing. Help!!
Any excess slime on the body or gills.
Red areas on fish can be flukes.
Any increased breathing with the flicking and rubbing.
No visible slime at all. No increased breathing that I can tell. The areas look like the scales have been knocked off and like it has got a bit sore. Nothiong in the tank is sharp enough I don't think - there are rocks but they are smooth.
Have you added a med.
The sore does it have a white edging to it.

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