Dirty fish water and infections

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Jul 8, 2002
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I'm not too sure if this belongs here on in a differenct thread. I've just spent a week in hospital with blood poisoning :( I'm still on a high dosage of antibiotics but at least I'm not on the drip any more :) and as the hospital is short on beds they sent me home to continue my treatment. I don't know how I got it, but it seems it started in my thumb. I know I had a small sore on the side of my thumb when I last cleaned my fishies. Do you think it's possible that the dirty water gave me blood poisoning :eek: Maybe I should get a loooong pair of gloves - anyone got any ideas where I can get a pair?
Blood poisoning eek! Thats not good at all. It is very possible it was from your tanks never clean out tanks if you have cuts I think...

Dragonslair once had to go to hospital because he got spiked by a pleco and its quills are poisoness dunno which pleco species though.

Hope you get well soon, I would just say probably get flamed but if you have a cut just wait a week for a water change, 1 week makes little difference to the fish but your cut should have healed, I am sure the other members will have other cunning plans to allow you to keep up your cleaning though! :sly:
sorry to hear you've been ill gadazobe, hope your ok now,
have you got any of the corys in your tank, just wondering if so one might
of just spicked you, i should but i'm the same i never use gloves when i'm messing in the tank, its never enterd my head that this sort of thing can happen, but think it seems the safest thing to do, :)
sorry to that gaz, i went to hospital years as i caught a fish infection in me thumb, a fish grenolma (cant spell) they took it out 2 times and grew the last one to see what i had...... and they wrote about me as they see 1 case a year if they lucky and the year i had the specialist had sen one and gave me to a medical student for her thesis! hehehehe never again lol morral is never go in the tank with cuts on hands or arms, i have a pair of long gloves now just in case i got them when i worked in burger king, but i know u can get them from safety companys for builders, metal platers etc....... cos my bro uses them at work dealing with chemicals ....
When I was in hospital the docs asked me if I knew how I got it. It never even entered my head that it might be the fishies water, so I never mentioned that I have fish tanks. Who knows, maybe it was from them :( But before I clean them again - I'm getting long long gloves :p
Where i work we sell all kinds of gloves, not sure if they fish safe tho :/
as long as they long rubber gloves thickest ones, they should be fine, as i said i got mine from burger king used to use them for cleaning out the fry vats there........( lol they a clean pair never used for fry fat lol :lol: )

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