Cryptocoryne × Willisii


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Apr 1, 2011
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Scientific name - Cryptocoryne x willisii

Geographic origin - Sri Lanka

Type - Rosette

Max. size 5-15cm height (10Cm being the most common height in my experience), 10+cm width

Lighting required - Very low - high

Temperature - 10-30oC

Water chemistry requirements - Adapts to most water conditions, though if especially unhappy the plant may 'melt' until it settles into its new invronment.

Growth rates - Slow - medium

Demands - Low, in low light set ups the nutrients will be provided by the fish from whatever they excrete, as well as trace minerals being present in the water column.

Additional info - A very hardy naturally occuring hybrid that should do well in all set ups providing the light and nutrient balance is correct, it is generally used as a mid-ground plant in smaller setups however it could be used as a carpet plant in a larger setup, but it will take quite a while to get the effect you desire compared to a plant such as Glosso. It propagates via runners and will grow long strong roots (I've found some roots to be twice the height of the plant its self).


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