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Oct 23, 2017
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My tank is doing really well, zoa’s, Xenia, mushrooms, and the hammers growing really well. Although my plate corals and candy canes don’t seem to be doing as well.

I’m now looking to grow something on the back wall of the tank.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Jul 23, 2004
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It could be that your thriving corals are playing a bit of chemical warfare with the others that aren't doing so well, or flow might not be right, etc. Are the plates and/or candy canes within range that they could get hit by sweepers from the hammer?

Are you wanting something literally on the glass or something tall in the back? Xenia is about the only thing I've ever had much luck growing over a wall but I know others have gotten star polyps to do it. It can be really hit and miss based on how the flow is in the tank and how willing the particular strain is to go vertically.

I have often used large magents of the sort that are used on magnetic tank scrubbers and mounted bits of coral and lightweight rock to them. You just have to be careful to get strong magnets and mount them in a way that won't be prone to pulling free. It's an easy way to build a modular backdrop of things to fill empty space while still letting you easily move things if needed (vs. having to tear away actual coral if it's on the glass directly). Plastic fake coral pieces also makes a good candidates for that because its lightweight and many softies will readily grow on the rough surface.

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