Canister Filter


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Apr 25, 2016
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I recently purchased a 46 gallon aquarium and was hoping to get some advice on my filter.  As with all my other aquariums, the tank currently utilizes a hanging filter, however it is located in my living room and is a bit louder than I would like.  Additionally, with my current set up, i will reach my filtration limit (in terms of adding fish) long before reaching my space limitation.  
I've always been told that canister filters are quieter, but I'm pretty lost in attempting to figure out whether or not it is appropriate for my tank and which one to purchase.  It seems from the research i have done to this point that a 46 gallon tank is on the smaller end in terms of tanks using canister filtration.  Anyone out there have any thoughts on this being a good or bad idea?
Tank is a 46 gallon bowfront
There are 16 various platys in there currently, a mix of adolescents and adults.
Thanks for any help!