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Butterfly koi fish

Gail Marot

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Jul 31, 2019
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Back in Jan. this year I rescued 4 fish who were abandoned in a cold apartment in a 5 gal tank. The only survivor is (what I learned from this forum) most likely a butterfly koi fish. His size in length is aprox I am in the process of getting a 29 gal tank for him/her which I think should be better than the10 gal he is in just until I find a good home for him. I've done searches looking for local fish clubs but have not yet found one that I feel comfortable with. Question #1 does anyone know a reliable resource clubs, societies? I don't like some of the stuff I've found online. Question #2 I think that these fish live peacefully with others and this one had previously. All he ever seems to do is look for food. Now digging into pebbles and maybe a little rough on the live plants. I've learned about cycling the new tank. Present parameters are pH 7.8 ammonia .25 nitrite and nitrate both 0
I really love this guy so I hope someone out there knows about this little beauty.