bubble nests

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Jun 5, 2004
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Kenosha, Wisconsin
ok, iv got my tank divided off into 2 parts with a clear divider, im putting my male in the smaller side and the females in the large side. wither there being a clear divider hes gunna c the females and probably build nests. would it be ok to put half a styrofome cup in there where he can build his nest? im not gunna breed him for a while, probably not until winter vacation but i was wondering wether or not it would hurt to have it in there for him.
I couldn't imagine that it would hurt him, since bubblenesting is something they will do with or without females around. Since he is in a larger tank he may enjoy having a special spot to build a nest where he can feel it is safe. I just don't see how it could harm him, of course i may be wrong.
no i dont think it will hurt him, i was just wondering would it mess him up to finsih a nest ad then have no females to mate with. im pretty sure he'll be ok thogh ;)

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