Dwarf Gourami male building a bubble nest in community tank.

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Dec 7, 2023
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Hi all.
I’m looking for some advice?
I have a 30 gallon tank with 1 rainbow male dwarf gourami, 2 powder blue female dwarf gouramis and 4 cardinal tetras in my community tank.
The male is been busy building a bubble nest on and off for 2 days now and the females have been engaging him, dancing and cupping.
Should I continue the normal lighting and feeding cycle? I don’t have a separate tank to separate if they spawn or if the fry are born.
Any ideas people.
Thanks Steveo69
I'm not an expert in Gourami reproduction, But I'm pretty sure tetras could try to eat frys and eggs. Even more if it's not theirs.

You can create a safe heaven for the frys by creating an enclosed environment in the tank protected with a mesh at the entrance Big enough for the frys to pass in, but small enough to prevent all other fishes to enter.

A transparent soft drink bottle, cutted right before the funnel, with enough substrate in it to make it stable on the bottom. and an adequate mesh in the entrance... This way you can see them going.

You can also make a hole in the top so you can go there with a dropper, to feed the babies who have found the hide-out.

And one day some will start to leave the place and start wondering out. Some may take days going out.. And flying in 5 sec later lolll.

To protect the eggs, the male should take care of it. But Personally, I would take the tetras out if they start lurking the eggs.

Edit: Those advices are not specific to the species involved, but are general, as to give any frys as much chances as possible in a community tank.
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