Bristle Nose Pleco And Yo-Yo Loaches


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Jun 28, 2008
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Hi everyone, I have 2 yo-yo loaches that I have had in my tank for about 3 years. They used to be very active and I would see them "dancing" around the tank all the time. A few months ago I put a bristlenose pleco in there and from that time on it seems I only seem to see my loaches when I put food in the tank yet the pleco is out all the time. I never see my loaches "playing" like I used to.
Is it possible the loaches are protecting their caves? I have one cave and 2 hollow logs where the loaches and pleco can hide. Would getting another hiding place help?

Thanx so much for any adivce. I really appreciate it.

Its a 55 gallon thats been up and running for years. The water is in great shape no Ammonia or Nitrite and I clean weekly.

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