Brisbane and Sydney trip complete! (updated)

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Fish Crazy
May 9, 2023
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Perth, Australia
(This is an updated version of Saturday's post, my first ever one)
I have returned to Perth after an amazing fish themed holiday to Brisbane and Sydney. The trip was a really good one: seeing a lot of pet fish and some unique ones as well! But I have to update you on that because I forgot to write some things on the post originally posted on Saturday.

The trip (posted on Saturday, sorry about that):

In Brisbane I went to the Atlas Aquarium in Nundah, Queensland on last Wednesday. In the entrance in the building, there was a large stream paludarium with a waterfall and it was amazing. I saw livebearers, female bettas and eels, along with marine fish such as tangs. The aquarium also had discus as well.

IMG_7367 (1).jpg IMG_7377 (1).jpg

I then went to the Sunshine Coast up north to stay at Northwind Apartments. It didn't have an aquarium, but more on that later. I went to Sealife Sunshine Coast and they had a few freshwater fish such as discus, cardinal and rummynose tetras, pencilfish, rasboras, redtail sharks and archerfish. But they did have a lot of marine fish such as rays, sharks and larger fish. In Australia Zoo, there were only 2 freshwater species. The two species were native rainbowfish and gudgeons. Other than that, we went to the Crocoseum to see the birds, reptiles and crocodiles.

In Sydney I went to the Taronga Zoo north of Sydney after a 12 minute ferry trip on Thursday. There were a lot of land animals, but only one freshwater fish, that was the koi. There were a lot of koi in the Wetland Aviary, probably a dozen of them. The one koi I liked the most were asagi koi. People threw coins in the pond for good luck in the Aviary.

I then went to the Newtown Aquarium in St Peters on Friday. There was an aquarium with a sand waterfall with rasboras and Siamese algae eaters and it was pretty to see and a forest aquascape. The forest aquascape have driftwood as miniature trees and various freshwater plants to make that forest look. I saw a koi Siamese fighting fish in one of the planted tanks and a pinkish-purple one in another. I loved the aquarium shop because it has lots of aquascaped tanks.


I went to Sealife Sydney on Saturday. I saw the notorious Queensland lungfish, which is classified as an oddball in the aquarium hobby. This fish is a living fossil and can breathe air from its lungs, which the fish was evolved to do. Like the coelacanths, lungfish started to evolve to the Early Devonian era, to the fish we know today. There were normal lungfish and white lungfish in the exhibit shared by spotted scat fish. This is what their heads look like in these two pictures. I also saw archerfish as well. This fish also appeared in Sealife Sunshine Coast in a different exhibit. I went to see the only remaining captive dugong (a sea mammal) in Australia since its partner died in 2018, some barramundi and many marine fish, rays and sharks.

And that's a wrap for my holiday! It was a fun trip and I really enjoyed the Sunshine Coast and Sydney. My favourite part of the holiday was going to the Sealife centres in the Sunshine Coast and Sydney. I would like to go to Adelaide or Melbourne next for another fish themed holiday. I would love to go to Sealife Brighton in the UK to see the rainforest exhibit or Sealife Paris to see the alligator gars and piranhas. The holiday had an impact on me and it was my first time going to Sydney. It was really fun to go to here. The reason why I updated this post today is because I wanted to learn more about my own holiday. Other than that, happy fishkeeping!
These are really nice, thanks for sharing them for those of us who can’t take a cool trip like this. Sounds like a dream trip to me!

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