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Black Ghost Knife For 55G


Feb 25, 2013
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Just shared an image using @Dropbox http://db.tt/DX8z48Ja         Just shared an image using @Dropbox http://db.tt/bexi7SOG    
 Just shared an image using @Dropbox http://db.tt/PaTqW8zS     im not sure if these will work as i have never done this but next time i get to talk to the wife i know she is good with this stuff lol....these pics where before we added the green house to cover it and the water is alot cleaner now we added a second filter that handles 15,000 gph, the pool its self is 27,600 us gallons and we are getting a total of about 35,000 gph so we still need to add more filtration as time and money permit i'd like to have a turnover of about 10x per hour and that would keep it clean enough for discus :)  but it will be awhile before i can upload again as i'm going to be in FTX for the next while training for deployment but my wife will hopefully add more / newer pics for me. 


Jan 13, 2010
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jasek78 said:
hello, i'm new here but wanted to say i have 2 bgk in a 135 gallon for now  until they are big enough to go into my other tank, they are about 7-8 inches now but need to be at least 13 inches before they can safely go into my outside set up.
when i bought this house it came with a 20x40 foot in ground swimming pool that i put a green house over and use as a fish tank,
mainly so i can get in and swim with my fish friends when i want to the shallow end is 3.5 feet and the deep end is 10 feet took a long time to set up proper filtration but now its all up and running i have a few [Banded Leporinus] [various ciclids] and others in there now all doing pretty well, even the [tetras] and [jumbo neons] [rope fish] [some eals tiretrack ect.]... decor wise i have drift wood, large and small rocks, sand and gravel, guppy grass some amazon swords and afew others mixed in along with duckweed and lilly pads, lighting is provided by the sun and the pool is heated so keeping it an even 80F is as easy as turning the knob on a tank heater.
basically i was wanting to respond to the main poster of the thread and tell him/her that it is unfair to buy an animal of any kind if you are not going to give it an equal / better life than it could have had in the wild, and that you should not buy something just to trade it in later because you don't know who will buy it and how it will be treated by the next guy in line. if you do decide to get rid of it send me a pvt msg and i will take it off your hands, regardless of what people say fish do become comfortable with their surroundings and familiar with their keepers over time, when i get into my pool most of the fish in there know its feeding time and come to see me. you would be amazed at the type and amount of fish you can keep happily together given proper space, habitat ect. i will be posting some pics here pretty soon/ as soon as i figure out how lol but anyways everyone have a great day and keep fishing.  
Welcome to the forum! Would love to see this!
Hope these pictures help you with how to post pictures :) I'm using Photobucket as an Example. Sorry I've cropped them down, if you need the full page image I can do that too :)
Create a Photobucket account and upload an image - you won't have the "male guppy" image.

Browse your photo's till you find the one you want to upload and click it.

Select it.

Once uploaded click it and you should get a screen like this but with your image. Click the IMG code to copy it.

Paste the IMG code into the text box on here.

Post your new message with image included :)


Jan 12, 2014
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aether.ed said:
Personally i wouldnt do the bgk thing, they are slow growers so a 55g may be okay for a temporary home (a year or so maybe) but the thing you are after is a centerpiece/focal point for the tank and you just wont get that with a black ghost, they lurk in caves and shadows when the lights are on, you will barely see it during the day which is not something you want from a centerpiece fish. Dont get me wrong the bgk is a great fish but because of the small tank which he will outgrow and the want for a 'focal point' there are a lot better and more suitable fish out there! The african brown knife is a more suitable size knife but due to the nature of knives and their love of the dark they really aren't the 'focal point' fish you are looking for. I take care of my brothers 150gal amazon tank his ghost knife is a good 14inches and you never see it! More of a background fish than a focal point fish.
Not saying your wrong but I have a BGK about 12'' in a 75 gallon and he is out all the time and especially when he smells a drop of food in the tank.


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