Birdwatchers/Animal Watchers?

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Could your mystery bird be a Turkey vulture?
Neither of those. Thanks tho!
I just looked at every kind of bird in washington and havnt found it. My whole family has seen it
Nope. We see quail, they like our persimmon tree. But this one can fly well and actually has a big wingspan. I looks like an eagle but a pigeon or dove. I'm so confused it like dosent exist. My friend with the Audubon has no clue either
Weve even seen Pakistani chukar around. They arent native but at least they exist on the internet
I do have a lot of nature/bird/animal photos that I will upload later.

They are on my “good” camera. I have to upload them via my laptop, lol. (I’m on my Ipad right now.) :p

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