Are glofish tetras and blind cave tetras compatible?


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Nov 4, 2020
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Winnipeg, MB
I need help with my determining tank mates for the scenarios I have coming up:
I have had a 10 gallon with 6 glofish tetras and 2 bronze corydoras for 6 months now, they are all doing well. I am buying a 36 gallon this week and hoping this will be my only upgrade for quite a while. I am planning on giving my 10 gallon to my little sister so she can have her own nano tank. I am getting a female koi betta this week for her.
The lady I am buying the 36 gallon tank off of has 2 blind cave tetras she is rehoming just because she is getting out of the hobby; they are 10 years old. We never agreed upon me taking them but I did let her know of my interest. I originally wanted to add about 5 balloon mollies to my tank, but would readjust to the tetras if I could. I did a lot of reading on putting different species of tetras together, and I am aware both species can be quite nippy if there aren't enough of them, but I never did see any information on if they've ever been paired (I'm sure there is, but I couldn't find any). Is there a possibility it could work? I wouldn't be able to make the blind cave tetras a school right away, and it would just be the two. Don't worry I'm not set on them, I just have a big heart.
I have also been eyeing pygmy corydoras. Is there any info on them being bullied by glofish tetras or bettas? If not, I'd get a few for my 36 and then just put my 2 bronze ones in the 10. Or I would get some for the 10.


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Aug 4, 2020
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Up your current Cory numbers and pop them in the bigger tank. 6 at least. You can also add 6 of another Cory type you like.


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