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any issues with combining the various species of silver dollars into a school...

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
Tiger Stripe, spotted & plain are my 1st choices, I think they will all school together, unless there is some predisposed feud, between the clans... probably not room to add any barred, but I think a school of variety would look pretty nice... even if you are a non believer in mixed schools, it would be nice to know in advance if there are any deadly feuds between the spots & stripes for example... I've read several places on the www that says they will shoal together

I have heard the Tiger Stripe are plant munching machines... ( anyone have them ) the tank they are going into, I've not planted anything, but I do put my "unsettled" Java fern babies into this tank... no problem, if they settle, or get munched...
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All silver dollar fish are vegetarian and eat any plants in the tank.
They will all hang out together.
Thanks... I kind of wanted to add a Red Hook, but looks like they get quite a bit bigger, & I'll run out of room... I had a red belly pacu before, that got to about 20"... think I need to stay with fish that only get about 6"
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"All silver dollar fish are vegetarian and eat any plants in the tank."
Not necessarily.

You can make smart choices of plants, and you can train the dollars (at least Metynnis spp., in my experience). Giving plenty of space and providing smart feeding is critical.
Different species of Metynnis would school together, or at least act as a group. In part it depends on the sex ratios among the species in the group, and the group dynamics evolve over time, and what may be harmonious for a while can later change (and viceversa).
Species of Myleus/Myloplus (as in red hooks) would also form cohesive multi-species groups, but require larger tanks (and I have no experience with those and planted tanks).

Below, a 6 foot tank, with 7 Metynnis silver dollars including 3 species (maculatus, altidorsalis and lippincotianus), and 5 species of plants. All you see is natural.

IMG_0856 crop.jpg

Below, a new 6 foot tank, still in its infancy (recently set up, with some wood still tied up to rocks for sinking). Most of the plants are real (also 5 species but not all the same as above), but there are a couple of plastic ones. These are tiger dollars, Metynnis fasciatus.
IMG_0950 Crop.jpg

This is an older picture in another tank, 3 species of dollars (same as in first tank), with somewhat different plant species, still acting as a group.
IMG_6006 Taken by Sue.jpeg

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