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Jun 11, 2021
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Hi my name is Anton,

I live in the steamy tropics where i keep a number of fish species outdoors. In my main pond which is about ten meters by six (more or or less) I keep loads of goldfish which I'm trying to breed a good common goldfish strain with excellent body depth, short strudy tail and lovely blood red piebald markings. Some call these sarassa which are good in many Japanese strains of watkins. For red colour improvement I'm use Japanese Jinkin at the moment and good London shubunkins. In this pond there are also many Rosy barbs and guppies and tiny blue shrimp. In the other ponds which are smaller I keep a strain of Indonesian Sunrise platy which are distinct from Sunset platies having a lovely platinum yellow tail and bright red upper half. Some of the other ponds I keep neon Rosy barbs selecting for good red and maximum metalic shine on the dorsal region as these are top view Rosies for me. These are distinct from copper head Rosies as the metalic area extends right down the back making them gleam like deep red burnished copper in the males and the same but bright gold in females. They colour up very early on as youngsters so can be sexed easily. In some other ponds I keep red lyre tail mollies and also frilly tailed Thai Orandas, mine have black striped tails and fins and the body is calico.

Well thats my fishy interest at the moment. I forgot to mention I also keep Japanese rice fish, which are platinum shiny white, the same blue and the same green and purple, the last three are rare and I'm working on trying to make their strains more predictable as at the moment they appear rather randomly from the white spawn. I have come to really love these cute little gentle fish, they are also extremely hardy in all climates from the tropics to the freezing north.



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Apr 21, 2020
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Just North Of London
Welcome anton. Looking forward to a few pics of your Medaka.

After a mystery death outbreak in my main tank I’m reduced to two Females only. So am leaving them alone in there for a few months before building numbers up. Strangely enough I’ve never seen so many eggs.

Stay safe.

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