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Amazon Puffer + Golden Dojo Loaches...?

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Jun 11, 2012
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Oh gosh I feel like I already know what I'm about to be told... Amazon Puffers are fin-nippers and too aggressive to keep with other fish! It's what I've been hearing about all other puffers but I've found that Amazon Puffers are labeled as "peaceful" by a few different sources. I'm HOPING that I can get 2-3 in my 29 gallon with my two dojo loaches, but what do you guys think? The loaches are pretty fast and keep to themselves for the most part, and definitely aren't aggressive. One of them loves to swim around the surface though so I'm kind of scared she might be victimized by the puffers' bites! BUT I have reaaaally fallen in love with puffers... Ugh, single aquarium owner problems.
If Amazon Puffers are just an EXTREMELY horrible idea, then what other kind of oddballs can anyone recommend for me? I'm way too obsessed with bottom dwellers and want to buy all of them but I have two dojo loaches which will probably grow very big so I don't want to crowd the sand down there. Puffers have been the only fish I've been really interested in as top/middle swimmers so far and I'm running out of options :/ I kind of like Celebes Halfbeaks and have been considering them but I want something that I will LOVE at first sight and not regret putting in my tank like the two mollies I was bullied into buying at Petco that died within two weeks- but not before popping out like 20 babies for me to deal with!
Sorry that was mean (Molly-lovers forgive me!)
Anyways, as always, I appreciate any help I can get here! Thank you :]
What are the dimensions of this 29g?
Both South American Puffers and Weather Loaches are social fish, a trio of puffers in a suitable tank is marginal but not too bad, but Weather Loaches (like many other loaches) should be kept in 8+ quantities.
Weather Loaches need a bigger tank than a 29g regardless, they might seem quite docile all day burrowing in the hopefully soft sand you have, but my group did lap after lap in my 5x2x2.
The puffers need a tank with a strong (~10x real turnover) current firing along an open length of the aquarium, but the rest of the tank should be a dense maze of tunnels/caves/plants floor to ceiling for them to investigate and help prevent boredom "pacing" up and down the glass.
I'm not convinced that combining these two species is a match made in heaven, I would be far more comfortable mixing fast water active fish with SAPs in at least a 120cm long tank that do not have long fins, for instance Giant Danios; Bleeding Heart Tetras; a 12+ group of "Debauwi catfish" (I have 21 Pareutropius cf. madevillei) etc.
Dimensions are: 30-3/16"L x 12-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H
And yes I know the tank is too small for two dojos, but unfortunately I didn't know this until AFTER buying them for my old 10 gallon :/ When I did this I was completely new and didn't do as much research as I should have so now I'm kind of stuck with this setup and fish because I can't afford any higher than a 29 gallon haha. I did upgrade to the 29 gallon because I knew a 10 gallon would DEFINITELY be too small. But as of now they're both under 4 inches so I'm just going to wait and see if they outgrow the tank...
I was also thinking of investing in a Hydor Korali Nano to create a current because I read that dojos like that (was also considering getting some Hillstream loaches but I don't think that's a great idea anymore.) Would that work for the puffers? My tank also has lots of live plants (which are still kind of little because I planted them like a month ago or so but I assume they will grow larger in time.) I also have some driftwood but I definitely want to get more hiding places for my fish because one of my dojos is really shy.
(And okay this is slightly off topic, but in regards to what you said, I've heard that they like to burrow but mine never do.... I've only seen them do it once out of the 10 or so months I've had them! Does this mean my sand isn't soft enough or something?)
i say you should go with danios.... ones that can fend for themselves.... but its really up to you! :D

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