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  1. S

    Weird Pea Puffer Behavior

    I recently was given two new pea puffers. A friend of mine thought they'd be fine in a 2 gallon tank so he bought them last week thinking they were cute. He soon realized after a day or two they were too much work, and handed them over to me. I had an empty 10 gal, but it wasn't cycled upon...
  2. X

    Pea Puffer Community Help

    Hello all (first post!!!), I am about to pick up a 60 gallon tank and am trying to plan out my community. I know I want freshwater tropical fish. I am not completely new to the hobby but it's been awhile and I have never had a large variety of fish. I had a 150 gallon Oscar tank with one Tiger...
  3. J

    Caring For Freshwater Puffers?

    Hello all!! So I've been looking around for fish to fill my spare 40 gal. And I've come across the cuteness that is the puffer fish!! :) so I wanted to know if some puffers would thrive in a tank that size? I was thinking maybe a group of 4? (I don't know how big of a tank they need so that is...
  4. Maddy

    Amazon Puffer + Golden Dojo Loaches...?

    Oh gosh I feel like I already know what I'm about to be told... Amazon Puffers are fin-nippers and too aggressive to keep with other fish! It's what I've been hearing about all other puffers but I've found that Amazon Puffers are labeled as "peaceful" by a few different sources. I'm HOPING that...