golden dojo loach

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  1. primsloaches16

    Special Needs Loach Update- Meet Baby!!<3

    Hey y'all! I wanted to post an update on my post from a few days ago, I ended up going back to my LFS today and picking Baby up! I thought about it for all day yesterday, and decided, if I go back and she's still there, I'll take her home. And there she was. So I got her bagged up and took her...
  2. primsloaches16

    Dojo Loach- Head bump?

    Hey y'all! This morning during feeding I noticed that one of my juvenile Gold Dojo Loaches, Catnip, has a small bump on the top of her head, back near where the gills meet the body. It's not a cut or open wound, just a small bump. She's acting completely normal, eating and swimming around to her...
  3. primsloaches16

    Media of my lovelies- Will be Updated!

    Hey y'all! I have so many pics of my babies I want to share, but I felt like I was clogging up my posts with new threads for each time, so this will be a catalog of my pics, and will be updated when I get more! I hope y'all enjoy!
  4. primsloaches16


    Here is my most PRECIOUS BABY, MID MACH-7 ZOOM.
  5. simonero

    Golden Dojo.. Please help with conflicting care information

    Hi! I recently bought 2 juvenile golden dojo loaches. I'd identified them as tank-compatible in the past, but hadn't done much recent research and had to decide about the purchase on the spot. Now, for 2 things in particular, the internet seems to contain contradictory and even opposite...
  6. NomNomTiger

    Golden Dojo Pregnant Or Hurt?

    I have to Golden dojos that I BELIEVE to be both Male, (Karl and Franchesco)   Karl is a lot bigger than Fran, but I got them around the same size and not too far apart. They have been buds for a while now, around 5 months at min. Franchesco follows karl, like right beside him, like he's stuck...
  7. Maddy

    Amazon Puffer + Golden Dojo Loaches...?

    Oh gosh I feel like I already know what I'm about to be told... Amazon Puffers are fin-nippers and too aggressive to keep with other fish! It's what I've been hearing about all other puffers but I've found that Amazon Puffers are labeled as "peaceful" by a few different sources. I'm HOPING that...