Alternatives to Whisper Micro Filter? Pet of the Month
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Paulie B.

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Sep 6, 2021
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Hi all. I have two 5-gallon tanks, both of which came with Whisper Micro Filters. Sorry I can't recall the model number. Anyway you know what I mean, those little submersible filters that come with a lot of small aquarium kits. Problem is though I like the idea of the micros, the Whispers really don't work all that well. In fact at times it's hard to tell if they're moving water at all.

So I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and replaced the Whisper with something more effective. Now one of the tanks has a regular hood cutout so I'll probably just put a small HOB on that one. But the other is a hexagonal acrylic tank and the hood cutout is designed for the Micro Filter. Sure I could modify the hood, but I worry that taking any kind of blade to it would break the flimsy thing in half.

So obviously I need some kind of internal filter to fit under the hood. I checked out the Cascade 300 and it certainly looks cool, but does it really work? Any advice, suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.
For my 5 gallon shrimp tanks I like to use aquael pat mini filter

An extremely simple and reliable little filter that’s adaptable for most small tanks.

Not that expensive either, always found them a good little filter for shrimp tanks and shrimps love going on the prefilter sponge for food.

Picture below is a generic online picture of the exact same little filter but just an example to show you what to look for, easily available online.


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