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Actual Mature Size of Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily)?

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Nov 20, 2023
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New England
HI folks

My second plant order from APF included one Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily) bulb. I don't have a lot of tank space for tall plants, so I am very limited in plant choices.

Anyhoo, I THOUGHT I had looked into the mature size of these bulbs, but I just looked around again at customer photos, which mostly show sprouting bulbs only, and there were a couple of mature ones that look WAY larger than I expected!

Can anyone with experience with these easy plants share photos of their mature specimens? Or at least give me an idea how large they can get?
leaves can be 2-3 inches diameter.

stems can be 18 inches plus. if they are in deep water (3-4ft) then the stems will be that long. in a shallow tank the stems will be shorter but they usually hit 18 inches in length as a minimum.
OH MY!!! I think I may end up having to sell/give it to someone in the future, then!
How big is your tank?

If it gets too big, put it in a large plastic storage container outside.

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