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  1. Nells250

    Actual Mature Size of Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily)?

    HI folks My second plant order from APF included one Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily) bulb. I don't have a lot of tank space for tall plants, so I am very limited in plant choices. Anyhoo, I THOUGHT I had looked into the mature size of these bulbs, but I just looked around again at customer...
  2. Zikofski

    Glass Lily Pipes And Flow Advice Needed

    okay a couple of questions, i plan to do a smaller tank for when i go to Australia, planning a 30"x12"x15" 88L (23 Gal) now first thing is first flow seeming i am going for a heavily planted tank with co2 injection, from what i have learnt over the past few weeks/months i need good flow around...