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  1. Nells250

    Actual Mature Size of Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily)?

    HI folks My second plant order from APF included one Nymphaea Rubra (Dwarf Water Lily) bulb. I don't have a lot of tank space for tall plants, so I am very limited in plant choices. Anyhoo, I THOUGHT I had looked into the mature size of these bulbs, but I just looked around again at customer...
  2. S

    Size question - silly one really..

    Hey all. I'm about to buy a larger tanka nd choices are. 240l or 182l... I dont have a budget or space issue.. But just wondering if there's a consensus on preferred size of tank that experienced keepers stick to. I have only 3 small angels some shrimp and 2 dwarf gourami...and a few tetras...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Tank questions

    So me and my buddy are getting a house in the spring and we are wanting to get a bigger tank, we both currently have 29 gallon tropical tanks. We were looking to get ~150 gallons and won't go smaller than 100 gallons, kind of want it to be a centerpiece decoration so that's why we want that...
  4. Tttay89

    Thinking of starting a cichlid tank... In a 100 litre?

    Hi I have a spare tank which I am thinking of having a cichlid only set up consisting of maybe a tropheus duboisi, julidochromis and maybe a couple labidchromis. I'd be happy with just 3 or 4 fish in there to not overstock it. Main question is.. Although small as juvenile and no worry of...
  5. M

    Will my Angelfish kill the others?

    Hi, Ive got a 165 litre tank, currently housing all young fish. I have 2 angelfish, both too small/young to tell the gender, 3 mollies (1 male and 2 females), a clown loach and a small bristlenose catfish. Ive read that if the angelfish are both males, 1 will kill the other, if they are both...
  6. M

    Need Advice. Will This Tank Fit These Fish?

    Ive recently been gifted 3 Mollies and 2 Angelfish as a present, all of which are very young. I currently have them in a 20L tank as it was the only one I had, yet I know I need a bigger tank. Im new to aquariums and am looking to buy an aquarium that comes with built in filter and heater etc. I...
  7. LiizFish

    Platy fry is not growing

    Hello, I have a single platy fry in my 10 gallon tank with one mystery snail and a bladder snail. She's been in this tank a little over a week and was born on February 27. We moved her to my tank from our 36 gallon tank because we feared she might get eaten. Since the move, she doesn't seem to...
  8. C

    Pleco is too big!

    Hello! I need some advice.. My pleco is much too large for my 35 gallon tank (7 inches to be exact...) and is getting aggressive towards my other fish! Her bio-load is also getting to be way to much for my filter. I have had her for about 3 1/2 years now and i hate yo give her up.. But i just...
  9. E

    Pleco general info + cory help

    Hi there, sorry I've been so busy I didn't have much time to drop by. My bf wanted a pleco so badly, so I bought one. The guy at my LPS sold me a "common pleco" for 8 bucks. He's a little bit less than 3 inches long. He currently lives in my new 55 gallons with 8 corys and 5 kuhlis. I read...
  10. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Identification

    Hi Guys,   Purchased this substrate today from my LFS. The guy who sold it to me didn't know who the supplier was and what type of gravel it is or what the dimensions are?   Anyone have any ideas about where I could get something similar from or what the dimensions might be?   Thanks in advance...
  11. fropuf

    Help First Time Doing My Own Tank!

    Hello everyone! I have plans for a new 55 gallon freshwater tank. Money is no factor right now, but I want to see if my idea is even feasible.   The tank will be 55 gallons, but can be upgraded to 75 gallons. Bottom substrate is probably going to be gravel with sand covering it. Plant life is...
  12. T

    Questions About Clown Loaches

    I have a 55 gallon tank with guppies, blood eyed tetras, danios, 2 yo-yo loaches, a school of neons, and one red wag platy. I want to add one pleco and some ottos. The last addition I want to add is ether a clown loach, or some snails. I was wondering if I could add both so what type of snails...
  13. GriffinC18

    20 Gal- 40 Gal Tanks

    So i have been looking for a 20-40 gallon tanks, for a decent price. I have yet to really find what i am looking for, so i thought why not ask the people who own fish?   It can be a setup (one that includes the filter and heater in box) if the price is decent.   or just the aquarium that you...
  14. GriffinC18

    Livebearer Problems

    So i recently had three female guppies with two male fish in a ten gallon tank with one algae eater.....well my oldest female guppy died (I think and hope of old age). So i was left with a bad ratio of females to males, and i really do not want any of my females to die of being stressed out and...
  15. haleem8777

    Help, What Size Tank Do I Need?

    Hi. I have been looking through the internet at ways in which to calculate the stocking of a aquarium, and different methods have given different sizes. For example one method says about a tank 185 liters while anothere method gives the answer of 300 liters. So the stocking that i was using is...
  16. F

    Decisions Decisions - Choosing My First Tank

    Hi There Everyone,   Recently became interested in keeping fish. I have never done this before but am fascinated by many aspects of it and can't wait to get started. I'm a biologist, so some of the technical stuff I understand, but there's no substitute for experience and that's why I'm here.  ...
  17. Kabernick30

    Biggest Fish For A 26 Gallon?

    Im looking for a big/midsized fish for my 26 gallon its cycled and only has 3 fish in it Any suggestions?
  18. Garbolino

    Eheim Filter / Tank Size

    Hi Paul, the flow would depend on what fish you are going to stock, some like it fast moving while some like a gentle flow My inlet is about 2inches from the bottom of my tank & my out let is at the opposite end of the tank approx an inch below the surface
  19. J

    4Mm Glass For Tank?

    I am getting a lot of window panes and there all 4mm thick in my area just wanted to know what would be the biggest size tank I could make with 4mm maybe 2 foot length 1 foot width and 2 foot high? Or what would be the ideal size? That would be safe? Or could I stick two peices of 4mm together...
  20. D

    Raising Small Fry

    Hi everyone! I currently have 3 tanks, a 35L with 6 platys (male and female), 20L with 4 mollies (all female) and a 10L one with a male betta.   We first had the platys and mollys in the 35L tank, and decided to separate them by getting a 20L tank, when we started noticing small fry swimming...