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Dec 20, 2006
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Independence, Mo
I hate to put down a lfs, but today I went to go explore a new store. I got there about 10 minutes before they opened. I pulled into a spot and a guy in an suv pulled up like right to my back bumper. My wife told me that the guy in the suv is punching the steering wheel and cussing(we were the only ones in the lot). So I get out and he cusses me out and says that spot is reserved for him the owner(then I see the sign on the side of his vehicle). I told him its just a spot and he tells me that unless I move I can't go into his store. There is no sign marking it as his spot. I said your right you can have you spot and left. I have never had a bad experience before I even went in a store.

Maybe he was having a bad day or maybe he is just a child(45 years old or so). But since I had a bad experience I figured I would save anyone else from ever visiting there.

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lol.. I would have had so much fun with a situation like that..

I never get any crazy people mad at me.. I really enjoy dealing with people like that..
life is full of manual gratification artists, and its odd how many drive SUVs.
LOL suv drivers are bad...but so is everyone else I drive with in morning rush hour.

The really sad thing is that he is the only one inside of a 40 minute drive from me that carry's those glowfish danio's and I really wanted some....guess I will get some zebra danio's and pay 6 bucks less per fish.

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