1-2 gallon planted snail jar questions


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Mar 30, 2021
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hello, i hate to be a newbie here. but, i grabbed a pickle jar while working fixing kitchen equipment on a service call at a restaurant. my questions were after i put some top soil under the gravel and plant some basic plants such as java fern which i have an exorbitant abundance of, and sagittaria subulata, and possibly glue down some java moss on some driftwood.. should i put tank water into the small jar? cause i have .50 ppm Ammonia in my tap. should i put a air stone or a small sponge filter inside? also, do you think a clip on light will work with a jar? the twist knob type? i think its a 1.5 gallon jar... i placed in warm water and iso alcohol to easily remove the label and glue and unfortunately didnt get the size, but ill find out shortly after i fill that bad boy up. Also, i plan on using it as a snail grow out tank as my Bolivians kept nipping and actually killed one of my Ramshorn snails. i had 3 and now down to 2 left in the community. thanks IN-advance.. y'all are so talented in so many ways!


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