water change queries

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  1. F

    Disposing Invasive Species Water

    Hi! Im taking care of my first planted tank (20 gallons)and I have a few fast-growing species that are invasive in my area. I was wondering how to dispose of water when i do water changes? Boiling isnt really an option because of the volume of water and because this tank is in my office, not my...
  2. V

    Forgot to unplug filter during water change

    And now the usually quiet filter buzzes. Idk what I should do now. Should I get a new one? If I do it might upset the cycle. I think it still works but I'm not sure.
  3. V

    How do I avoid sucking sand during water change?

    I recently have sand substrate. When I try to clean it like I did with gravel, a portion of the sand gets sucked up into the hose. I have to scoop it back into the tank with a net. I don't want to lose substrate every water change.
  4. V

    How do you clean a tank that hasn't been cleaned in a while?

    I've decided that I wanted to help out with my parent's turtle tank. However, I'm afraid that with me doing newly frequent water changes it could harm them. For context, the tank has turtles and goldfish. Which will go into a pond eventually, but it's a big project. I don't want to harm them by...
  5. V

    Is there a way to reverse siphon- using it to add water?

    I know that siphoning removes water and cleans out waste from under the gravel. But in water change, you have to replace the water. However, I haven't gotten it to flow the opposite way. With a bucket of clean water, I placed the siphon in headfirst and the plastic pipe end into the tank. I...
  6. K

    Water change...

    So... I did a partial water change yesterday (about 50%) and this morning the water is quite murky/cloudy. I have bought a new test kit (API freshwater master test kit) and all the readings are perfectly ok except the PH slightly lower than I'd like. I added one new live plant and a new...
  7. S

    Water changes

    Hi, I was just wondering, when I do water changes, should I try to get the fresh water up to the temperature of the tank, or will the heater compensate? Does it matter if I can't get a perfect match? If I'm adding pH buffer, should I add this to the water in the bucket before adding it to the...
  8. A

    Process of water change for golden/milky fish

    Hi All, I have just started with my first aquarium with few golden fishes. After few weeks I saw some fungal infection on one of my fish for which shopkeeper suggested to change complete water with ( anti-clorine + blue medicine + green medicine ) , I tried that but due to this one of my...
  9. andreisdabest

    Water change query

    Is 10% water change every 3 days enough or should i increase that? Its a 10gal tank with 2 mollies and lots of shrimp
  10. Guyb93

    How much water do I really need to change ?

    How much water should I be changing and how often , I feel like the standard response is going to be 50% weekly which I’m almost doing I do about 30-40% weekly but I feel my bio load isn’t that high and maybe wiggly under stocked my tabk is 500l and stocked with 4 eba 1 Oscar 1 sailfin pleco all...
  11. AilyNC

    Water change during fry drops??

    Hey my tank is a bit of a hectic fish in cycle case. I've been doing 75% water changes the last 4 days and measurements. A Platy has started having fry. Should I wait until she's finished to do a water change? How will I know she's finished? I managed to get two fry into incubation box...
  12. AilyNC

    Water change now or wait? Fish in Cycle mayhem

    Hey :) You can read about my initial catastrophe here when I lost my Molly and learned about cycling a tank too late. At this point I'd tank about 5 weeks & lost 4 fish. Thanks to all the help in that thread. https://www.fishforums.net/threads/sick-molly.462043/ I've now lost fish number 5...
  13. D

    Help guppies

    Hello everyone, desperately worried about my new tank.... tank has been up and running for a month. Added 5 guppies yesterday, 2 dwarf frogs, catfish and a rainbow Garra and all seem perfectly happy together. Today I purchased another 5 guppies and they are all rubbing them self’s againest the...
  14. Rexer reigns

    Fish tank water changing

    Hi guys, I'm new to here and i don't have much experience in fish management. I installed my 6 gallon tank 2 day's ago. In my tank i have 4 guppy's and 2 platy's. unlike other tanks my tank is buried in soil, cemented on it's sides and bottom. Now i wan't your precious suggestion's and...
  15. Bettapuppy

    Water change question

    How exactly do you do large water changes in a heated tank? I’m doing 75% water changes in my bettas tank right now as he has fin rot. I let treated tap water sit out for a few hours to get to room temperature (about 70 degrees F), but his heater is set at 78. He is sitting in a cup right now...
  16. Ian.ryan


    Hi I have my first fish in my new tank, fish and plants doing well ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0 nitrate is 40 ppm. over the last couple of day, I have noticed that the water has become cloudy, the fish have been in 4 days so tonight I have cleaned the glass and cleaned the gravel and the top filter...
  17. Ian.ryan

    Two weeks in to New Aquarium setup

    Update on my first Aquarium, I'm doing a fish-less cycle of my tank things seam to be going well, I'm two weeks in and Ammonia is 0.25 Nitrite 2 + Spiked at 5, Nitrate 40PPM (Hard water area). I have done a water change today 52 litres added some Stress coat and some Stress-zyme+ and i'll check...
  18. V

    water changes in a tank with fry in it

    Hi everyone, We have at least one swordtail fry in our tank, and I was wondering if we should do normal weekly water changes. I'm a little worried about harming or stressing the little one(s). We have a planted 125L tank with 7 small cories, 3 adult swordtails, snails, and the fry. The...
  19. dazbud

    Upgrading - Lots Of Dilemas

    I currently have a 100L tank with 4 x tiger barbs, 4 x platy, 5 x bosemani  rainbow, 8 x neon tetra and 1 x bolivian ram. Had it for a year and quite happy but want to start keeping slightly bigger fish.  I’m currently thinking of upgrading to a 250L tank from All Pond Solutions.  ...