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  1. fisharecool789

    betta fish growth

    i unfortunately don’t have an LFS so i bought my betta from petsmart and she’s really hard to take pics of cuz she’s always dashing around (very rowdy fish) and i was looking through old pics and this is the comparison of august vs october ! so happy to see her get so big and grow such pretty fins
  2. M

    Hyper Betta - is This Normal?

    Tank Details TANK > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/starter-kits/top-fin-3.5-gallon-enchant-aquarium-38392.html?cgid=300128 SUBSTRATE > https://www.petsmart.ca/fish/decor-gravel-and-substrate/gravel-sand-and-stones/top-fin-caribbean-sea-aquarium-gravel-17573.html?cgid=300103 HEATER >...
  3. S

    EMERGENCY! New betta fin rot??

    i got this male betta a little over a week ago and had him in a 1.5 gal bowl and two days ago i moved him to a 3.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater, my thermometer says the temp is at 81 degrees, but i've noticed a black outline on his tail and it kinda looks like the ends of his fins are a...
  4. Tyler_Fishman

    New Betta!

    recently at petco I picked up a female labeled as a baby. I did not want another red veil tail, so I purchase this..Crowntail? Not sure what she is, any ideas? Hopefully her color will change eventually too. Anyways very curious and healthy fish
  5. Mamashack

    My New Man!

    My new man Cobalt!   
  6. mrstwalker

    New Betta :)

    Meet my new boy, Mystic :) 
  7. Nordk


    This is Taino, my new betta. He's currently in a 4.5gal with an internal filter, heater, a silk plant and some melon sword that my aquascaping CAE split into a few pieces, so now they're in the betta tank.   He's a dark red veiltail with some metallic bluish-purplish on his side, and black trim...
  8. argoma

    Clear Fins

    Hello everyone!   So i got a betta about one week ago. It's my first betta fish ever. I have kept many goldfish before and my last two ones died because of fungus so i decided to get a betta because they are so beautiful. I went to my local fish store to get one and they had many females but i...