sterbai cory

  1. FashionFish

    Very Sick Cory - Red Blotch Disease?

    Hey there, Unfortunately, we have a larger problem. The smaller fish that I thought was being "roughed" up is very red. I was repeating water changes and he seemed to improve. But now he has regressed and our other fish are showing red marks and flashing. I am really concerned as I can't find a...
  2. Fishkeeperwales

    Dying Sterbai Corydora - sickness/unknown

    Can someone please give me advice for my sterbai corydora please! I woke up this morning and went to check on my tanks and seen in my tank with corydoras that one was laying on his side still breathing, but breathing slow. When I first researched it I found a lot of forums suggesting nitrate (or...
  3. S

    Possible gill flukes and white spot? :/

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please because I'm feeling a little out of my depth. I had a 58 litre tank with a couple of Sterbai Cory and a few guppies which exploded on the guppy population. I upgraded them to a 125 litre around the start of December last year and cycled the tank...
  4. C

    Sterbai Cory Lethargic And Not Eating

    Hello! I've been reading in your forum for some time now, and it seems I now have a question that I hope you could help me with. I recently bought a sterbai and albino corydora from an LFS. Now, I saw that there was a dead fish in the aquarium, but stupid me, it didn't stop me from buying the...
  5. Alyssum

    Please Help: Sterbai Cory Paralysis, Twitching, "seizures"

    Please help: Sterbai Cory paralysis, twitching, "seizures" Hello, I'm posting on this forum because one of my cories has had a rapid decline in health. I've  posted on several sites and have gotten very little advice or none at all. I'm trying to be as  detailed as possible with pictures and...
  6. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    I figure I'll start a thread to chart the progress of this recently set up tank. This won't just be about plants but about my fish as well and I like to post lots of pictures   This first post will be fairly long as I'd like to go a little into the set up of the tank as well as how it is now...