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  1. A

    Sick Bristlenose Pleco

    I bought a bristlenose Pleco three days ago. I put it in and it seemed fine, just a bit shy. On the first day it wasn’t eating, but it would move around the tank and suction into different walls. That night I measure the pH and it was a bit high, 7.4. I put pH down in it and measure the next day...
  2. K

    Black Kuhli Loaches- Sick or Stressed? Pls help!

    Hello, I have had 7 orange striped kuhli loaches for a little while now and decided to get 2 black ones from PetSmart to accompany them. After putting them in the tank I noticed that they seemed overly energetic, but its been going on all day to the point they seem erratic and I don't know how...
  3. Mackamoora


    ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️ Hello. I’ve had my betta, Nilou, for about 1.5 years now. About two or more weeks ago I put him in a hospital tank, trying aquarium salt, Melafix, and other remedies to try and cure what I thought to be fin rot. I started noticing signs of illness about half a month before I...
  4. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  5. Stefan3289

    Another issue with swim bladder (maybe hope)

    So I noticed I didn’t see my PB parrot convict out, and when I finally found him, he was trying to swim at the bottom of the tank, but was upside down. I took him out and put him into a quarantine tank I had running and I put him in a breeders net to minimize moving. I tried to give him peas...
  6. Stefan3289

    Tumor or cyst?

    So I have been out for a few days from home and gave the responsibility to my older brother to keep with the tank, and I don’t think it turned out well. I noticed one of my severums has what looks like a cyst. Not sure if it was an open sore that got infected.. I am about to do a large water...
  7. Stefan3289

    Hole in the Head?

    I am currently treating one of my acaras in a 10 gallon who wasn’t eating, sat in the top back left corner, and seemed to have holes/dents in his head. I decided to take a look at the others and I noticed these white holes (seems like the are holes rather than dents or discoloration). Starting...
  8. I

    Disease identification and treatment

    Can someone help identify what disease a couple of my fish have as I'm getting lots of conflicting things when googling! Background: Tank is about 3 months old, 8 neon tetras and they broke out in Ich a couple of days after I got them 3 weeks ago. Tank is fully cycled and aquascaped. Because of...
  9. C

    Guppy emergency!

    Hello, everyone -- I had four baby guppies in a five-gallon tank -- three males, one female. As they got bigger and the males got more excited, I got a ten-gallon for my female guppy. I moved her into that tank, and I got a second female and put her in as well. I let the tank cycle, tested the...
  10. B

    Dying Betta?

    Hey all, I'm really hoping for some fast info here. So I purchased my Dragon Scale Betta, Taki, From Pet-smart on Saturday (It's now the next Friday as I write this). The first two days he ate his pellets no problem and probably could've kept eating for a while. After that he started only eating...
  11. K

    My guppy is dying!! Advice needed!

    Ok, so a while ago I noticed a lump growing on my one male guppy's side. Today, he can barely swim and is turning from his usual yellow to a silvery blue. I know he's past the point of return, but am unsure of what to do. I have two other guppies in the tank that seem, for the most part, fairly...
  12. E

    Fish disease

    cwn anyone tell me what is on my high fin German rams. I noticed I acouole if days ago. I don’t think it’s ich because is only on there fins and it’s bigger spots. Also they are only on the German rams.
  13. E

    Is my molly sick?

    I have had this molly for about a year now and recently I’ve noticed she hasn’t been swimming around. She is just laying at the bottom of the tank. She seems like at some points she trying to swim but can’t. It’s like she’s moving her fins around but isn’t moving anywhere. Her tank was in need...
  14. B

    Sick Betta, Inflamed Gill?

    I'm so sorry if I'm posting to the incorrect forum, but I'm looking for help regarding a sick fish. I posted in another forum but wanted to get as much help as possible. Please let me know if I've violated any rules by posting here. Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to help heal my one year...
  15. A

    Does my tetra have fin rot?

    Hello So about 2 weeks ago I bought 4 tetras from my local fish shop. Two of them look fine, but the third one has some thing going on with his tail. Is it fin rot, or is it some other disease? I have a 55 gallon tank, cycled, soft water, filtered and heated at 80 f. Thanks PS how do I lower...
  16. R

    Help Sick Bronze Corydora

    Hello, Please can anyone help, about 2 months ago I purchased a bronze corydoras catfish. All was fine until about 10 days ago when I noticed that his tail fin had started to 'rot' away. After a day or so things started to deteriorate and the whole tail has disappeared. I purchased some Myxazin...
  17. S

    Cherry Barb Lying On The Floor For Days But Not Dead

    HELP! One of my cherry barbs is lying on the floor for the past few days, jumping/hopping around a few time a day, but not dead. I moved it to a 15L quarantine tank yesterday, added a dose of the a medicine containing the following: Formalin Erythromycin Malachite green trichlorofon acrinol   &...