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  1. MagicGirl33

    My Current Tank Setup (anyone know about a good substrate?)

    Currently, I have a red sea 240 gallon fish tank complete with 4 reefLED 90 lights with mounting arms, a reefer skimmer 600, and 2 units of reefwave 45. I have a heater on the way along with a circular air stone. I also have all the water tests ready along with all the proper nutrients and...
  2. brokenoob!

    Rosy Cloud Rocks...Thoughts?

    Hey all! I'm setting up a 10g nano tank right now and found these beauuuutiful looking rocks called "Rosy Cloud Rocks" from Petco, brought them home, rinsed them well in hot water and just plopped them in my tank. I'm really new to this hobby so I didn't even know that rocks can change pH and...
  3. A

    60l planted Betta smaragdina tank - pic heavy!

    After a three year break from the hobby for uni and a realisation of a number of mistakes I made before that, I've decided to come back to the hobby and do it properly! Kit: 60l aquarium modified to have a rimless front A1171 Aquamanta IFX 50 internal corner filter 200 l/hr 3W Aquamanta Xanti...
  4. M

    Media Donation

    Hi guys, I've been away for a long time indeed! I was once known for having one of the longest fishless setup cycles ever But with the help of @waterdrop and @chesterscot I got through it. Well now I am back and after a bit of a hand to get me started. I dont suppose anybody in the Chester area...
  5. A

    I was tricked, now I need guidance.

    So, I'm super new to this. Some how I got roped into getting a fish tank -per my husband- for our 3 year old. (facepalm emoji) Yup. I was all set to get a Betta and a 2.5-5 gallon tank. The prices for these small tanks we're almost as much as for the tank 'we' settled on. a 13 gallon...
  6. C

    Setting Up New 125 Gallon Planted Tank

    I just got a 125 gallon tank for super cheap (it just had a small leak I neeed to seal). The largest tank I have right now is only 20 gallons, so this is sure to be a completely different beast. I have a few general ideas on what I want to do with this tank, and was hoping for a few suggestions...
  7. V

    Community tank setup?

    Hi There, I'm planning on setting up a community 65 liter ( 17 gal) tank. Here are some fish I'm planning on getting Blue Mystery Snail x1 Buenos Aires Tetra x 4 Cobalt Blue Gourami Male x2 Corydoras – Peppered Cory 2-3cm x3 Kuhli Loach x2 Long-Fin White Cloud Mountain Minnow x6 Neon...
  8. J

    I'm Back! Now what should we do this time?

    Hello everyone! My name is Jim, I've been keeping fish on and off for about 20 years. Sometimes with great success, sometimes with great failure. I love trying new and different things, and love hearing about other people testing the limits of what we can do in the world of artificial habitats...
  9. L

    Glad I Found This Spot

    My name is Wanda. I am a daughter, child of God, wife, mother of three sons, grandmother of two girls and two boys. I am a disabled veteran of the Army after 22 years where we spent 16 years in Germany and the rest at Fort Campbell, KY. I retired from the Army in 1997 and I worked around the...
  10. J

    Fiddler Crabs and African Dwarf Frogs?

    My husband and I have African Dwarf Frogs in a freshwater tank. We saw a picture of an underwater dry zone for fiddler crabs and fell in love with it and talked to someone at the pet store about it. We've been ordering the perfect parts we need for weeks and finally got it out togetherast night...
  11. X

    Pea Puffer Community Help

    Hello all (first post!!!), I am about to pick up a 60 gallon tank and am trying to plan out my community. I know I want freshwater tropical fish. I am not completely new to the hobby but it's been awhile and I have never had a large variety of fish. I had a 150 gallon Oscar tank with one Tiger...
  12. Fish Swim A Lot

    Beginner Coral Help?

    Hi! I'm new on here, I've been wanting to make an account for a while but just never got around to it, and I figured this question would be a good reason to make one! I have a 37G saltwater fish tank with only dry rock, but it just looks so ugly. I want some more life in it, and so I started to...
  13. M

    Community Fish Tank

    Hi! I have a 100 litre (22 UK gallon, 26 US gallon) Tropical Fish Tank which I Have had set up for a few years, but now, most of the old fish have died. I'd now like to start afresh, with a community tank. Currently, All I have in there is a bulldog catfish. Ideally, I'd like to have a tank...
  14. V

    Tank design

    Hello everyone, In the last 2-3 I have taken over my family aquarium as our goldfish all died from old age! The tank is 20 gallons (75 L) and is looking very basic. At the moment in the tank I have; X2 Dwarf Gourami X2 German Blue Rams X4 tetras (2 cardinal and 2 orange ones I'm not sure what...
  15. hudsona85

    New 75 Gallon! Need Some Ideas

    Hello!   Just recently purchased a 75 Gallon Marineland tank with Marineland LED lights. I am right in the middle of being a novice to intermediate as far as experience goes with FW aquatics. I have debated back and forth as to what I would like to put in this. I got as far as wanting cichlids...
  16. Hadexicon

    Finished Tank, Tips?

    Well I just finished my tank, I replaced the gravel with sand and everything I'll post the before and after photos, the fish are pretty beat up due to my firemouth BEING A LITTLE **** even my Oscar Toby is messed up.. Might get rid of Felix the firemouth anyway pictures: Before...
  17. F

    Questions Before I Begin

    Hello all,   I am getting ready to start my first fish tank and believe I have a plan in place but would appreciate any comments/advice you can give.  Also, let me apologize for the length of the following post as I have many questions and am a bit wordy in general.     I will be getting a 29...
  18. JasonMichael

    Fish Breeding: Is This Setup Okay?

    Hey guys,   I've got a spare tank laying around and I was thinking of giving fish breeding ago. I've recently gotten into the L series of plecos which are just stunning, but I'm going to try and breed some Peppermints and normal Bristlenose first before getting into the breeding of the L series...
  19. J

    Smaragdina Setup ?

    Hey fish people ! I was wondering if my new smaragina pair could be placed in my 29 without them being too stressed out ? Its very lighty planted and not that many places for hiding .
  20. K

    Setup Of A 120 Tank

    I have a straight forward question for a large tank that I haven't used for a few years.  The tank has a sturdy fiberboard stand that came with the aquarium when I purchased the tank.  The tank itself is 6 feet long and is all glass.  When it was installed several years ago the aquarium folks...