sand substrate

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  1. V

    How do I avoid sucking sand during water change?

    I recently have sand substrate. When I try to clean it like I did with gravel, a portion of the sand gets sucked up into the hose. I have to scoop it back into the tank with a net. I don't want to lose substrate every water change.
  2. V

    What kind of fertilizer should I get?

    I want to help out my dying plants. I recently switched out my gravel substrate to sand. I wanted dirt instead but was told that cories need sand. I'm new to keeping live plants and there's only one product near me that says plant fertilizer. The other products help in different ways. There are...
  3. V

    New to live plants

    I have a variety of live plants in a 20 gallon. I usually keep the light on for seven hours a day. I have livebearers. I don't know much about plants and that's probably why they keep dying off. I have sand as the substrate. I've heard about all these products but I'm not sure what I would need...
  4. V

    Easier way to replace substrate?

    I'm changing my gravel substrate over to sand. I tried using a funnel, but the sand still ended up floating at the top, no better than before. My water also went cloudy, but that should go away in time. I scoop out the gravel with a net, then put it in a container to dump out later. I'm doing...
  5. V

    Can corydoras die from gravel?

    I have aquarium gravel, which I know isn't ideal, but I didn't think it could be problematic. Could it be the reason my cories are dying off? My water parameters check out fine, but I only have test strips. I'm getting a test kit later on today so then I'll know for sure if water quality is an...
  6. Barry Tetra

    What kind of sand is this?

    Hi guys, Can anyone Identifies this sand? What kind of sand is this? I bought this sand (they call it river sand) from the internet, I wanted to know if I got scammed or not.
  7. H

    Is my siphon too big??

    Look, I have a pretty simple siphon, one that online said it was good for 10 gallon tanks. That might have been at the edge of the range it covered, but it was still in there. I have a 10 gal tank with sand substrate that I need to clean, but the damn thing won't work. I've seen all those...
  8. GobyMaster11276

    Sand as a substrate

    Hi all, I’m planning a new setup at the moment and want to use sand as the substrate. For anyone who has used it: how do you keep it clean (especially in planted areas)? Where did you get it from (I’ve been recommended play and pool filter sand)? And how did you go about cleaning it before use...